Monday, 11 March 2013

Our new lifestyle brochure!

Just thought we'd share some of our favourite views from our new lifestyle brochure! Just click here!

PS: The logo also features augmented reality. Simply download Aurasma from your smartphone and follow myhotels!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Postcards from myhotel Brighton

We're proud to introduce to you our second time-lapse video, this time from myhotel Brighton, featuring 'Get Close' by Kidda!


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The 9th Annual UK TravelMole Web Awards - winner of Best Accommodation Site

Well just what can we say about this?! On September 26th 2012 was named an Award-Winning website. And for that, we are incredibly thankful to the lovely TravelMole UK and  the panel that voted for us. We caught a snap so that we could share it with you right here! Thanks for making our year TravelMole UK. 

For more information and the full video please visit here

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

myworld interview - Alan Tomlins from Small Batch Coffee Company

Today we're chatting with Alan Tomlins, Chief Roaster and the face of Small Batch Coffee Company at myhotel Brighton! You can find them here

myworld: What are you up to today?

AT: Today I am working in the roastery after doing breakfast service at our myhotel shop.

myworld: Anything super hip you¹re working on?

AT: I am deciding which lots we want to bid on in the Guatemala Cup of Excellence auction next week, an online auction that allows roasters to buy special microlots of green coffee directly from the farmers. I have to select the lots we will go for and figure out the maximum price we are prepared to pay as it is a live internet auction and gets very competitive!
myworld: If you were designing a hotel bedroom what would be amongst your top 3 prerequisites?

AT: Big bathtub, great view, balcony

myworld: Our design philosophy takes into account the 5 senses ­ of all of them, which is your favourite and why?

AT: A lot of my time is spent assessing coffee quality so definitely taste and smell for me as you need a well trained palate. Of these taste would be the winner.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

myworld interview - Paul from Matt Benecci ice creams

In celebrating of the launch of myvillage at myhotel Bloomsbury tonight, we're chatting with Paul, from Matt Benecci ice creams. They provide award winning ice creams from the Marshfield Farm in the West Country near Bath and are made from organic milk and cream and nothing artificial! Matt Benecci is part of the new concept of myvillage and we are so excited to have him today in myworld! See more information about Matt Benecci here and about myvillage at myhotel Bloomsbury here


      myworld: What are you up to today?
      Paul: Today I'm deep in Wiltshire countryside, sampling a new ice cream from Marshfield Farm - strawberries in clotted cream. Summer on a spoon.
myworld:  Anything super hip you’re working on?  
Paul: I'll be trialling it at myhotel's pop-up street eatery in myvillage Bloomsbury during the Olympics.
myworld: If you were designing a hotel bedroom what would be amongst your top 3 prerequisites?
      Paul: After a long hard day, my ideal hotel bedroom has to have a outdoor hot tub so I can gaze up at the stars, soothing surround sound music and a fridge full of deliciously cold Pimm's. 

      myworld: Our design philosophy takes into account the 5 senses – of all of them, which is your favourite and why?
Paul: For me, smell is the ultimate sense as it has the ability to transport your imagination anywhere.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A Hedonist's Guide to...

The Olympic Games
27 July – 12 August

If you haven’t heard that the Olympics are coming to London, you’ve probably been hiding in a rock or caged in a dungeon. For two weeks,  the world’s major athletes will be coming to fight for that flaming torch. No tickets? No worries. Pubs across the city will be showcasing the sporting events from weightlifting to water polo so you can still feel apart of the action wherever you go. Also taking place alongside, the London 2012 Festival is an exciting cultural celebration with exhibitions, dance performances and music festivals.

Diamond Jubilee
5 June

It’s been 60 years since Her Majesty took her throne as Queen. That’s six decades of ruling the roost so naturally, she gets to throw a big party and everyone’s invited. Royal lovers and those who lined up for The Royal Wedding will no doubt be chocking the block again to get a peek of the Royal Family at the St Paul’s Cathedral service and Processional Route appearance. Alongside this, the National Portrait Gallery and Victoria & Albert museum are each hosting exhibitions showcasing stunning photographs and portraits of Her Majesty. Be ready for tea, crumpets and Pimm’s, but of course.

Lovebox Weekender
15 - 17 June

Catch a glimpse of the Hackney and Shoreditch cool-kids in their natural habitat at this annual alternative music festival. Taking place in East London’s Victoria Park, this year’s line-up promises fist-pumping music from some of the biggest names on the music scene, including Hot Chip, Friendly Fires, Crystal Castles and Azari & III. Tents across the park hold shows from these top bands to the latest ‘underground’ DJs spinning decks. Alongside the freshest bass and beats, giant art installations and film-sets are scattered around the backdrop. This year will be the festival’s ten-year anniversary, making it a must for any hipster’s summer calendar.

World Pride 2012
7 July

Once again, this year sees World Pride come to the streets of London. For one day, the World Pride parade takes over London’s Oxford Circus and Soho areas. Gay, straight or anywhere in between, hundreds of thousands of people come to the capital to wave their rainbow flags and show off their pride along London’s busiest streets. Expect celebrity spotting, live music, club nights and lots of glitter.  Sitting alongside the Jubilee and the 2012 Games, this year’s parade is sure to be one of the biggest celebrations yet.

Monday, 14 May 2012

myworld interview - Mr Bright

We start this week with a fantastic interview to Mr. Bright! A Brighton native whose primary objective is to provide you with the hippest and hottest happenings in Brighton, or as he calls it, Bright Town! You can follow Mr Bright on Twitter here - 

      myworld: What are you up to today?
      Mr. Bright: Keeping my finger very firmly on the pulse of Brighton. It all seems to be heading beachside in this glorious weather, so it’s a choice between the Barefoot cafe at yellow wave or good old fish and chips on the pebbles. If the weather turns I’ll be diverting to the Thomas Kemp for a delicious roast. 
myworld:  Anything super hip you’re working on?  
Mr. Bright: Mr Bright is the kind of guy that needs to be in the loop so I am always on the lookout for the next big thing! Bohemia Bar in the South Laines is receiving some great praise and Dirty Sunset Disco returns for another season of super cool tunes by the seaside. If you know of a funkier fandango, I’m all ears!  
myworld: If you were designing a hotel bedroom what would be amongst your top 3 prerequisites?

      Mr. Bright: Infinity pool-because they actually blow my mind, Dance floor-so I can throw some serious shapes and a Mr Frosty-because I missed out as a child. I’m ok, honestly!

      myworld: Our design philosophy takes into account the 5 senses – of all of them, which is your favourite and why?

      Mr. Bright: Oooh that’s a toughy. Think it would be have to be taste. When all the right elements are in place, an exquisite morsel can actually bring on a single tear. A Coconut Daiquiri at Chino Latino, a goblet of Stella Artois in Provence, it can happen anywhere at any time!

You can follow Mr. Bright's tips here 

Friday, 4 May 2012

myworld interview - Walid at Cocomaya

Today we're talking to Walid, one of the two owners of Cocomaya Fine Chocolatier & Artisan

myworld: What are you up to today?

W: Meeting with my design team on my fashion collection; I went to see our new shop on Brompton Road, I had lunch with my partner and best friend to discuss business strategies and I had coffee with fashion publicist Robert Forest. 

myworld: Anything super hip you’re working on that you wouldn’t mind sharing with myworld?

W: My line of upcycled jackets that are being sold in the best shops worldwide. 

myworld: If you were designing a hotel bedroom what would be amongst your top 3 prerequisites? 

W: Comfort, luxury and functionality 

myworld: Our design philosophy takes into account the 5 senses – of all of them, which is your favourite and why? 

W: Sight. I have always needed to be surrounded by beauty. I particularly love history and have a great appreciation of weathered and worn fabric. 

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Mr. Bright's tips - Spring 2012

A frosty reception!

Many moons ago I asked my parents for a Mr Frosty. It was basically a crushed ice machine to which you added juice and ice. Slush Puppie-ish if you like. I never got one, so I am a little bitter, but thankfully some other lovely people are sharing their favourite toys at a lovely new exhibition in Hove. Children and adults have collaborated together to create this muzzy display at Hove Museum. I would make an afternoon of it and got to Marocco's on the seafront for an ice cream. Not crushed ice, that would be too painful!

Lipsmackingly good!

April see's the start of the Brighton and Hove Food Festival, which runs for 10 days and is aptly titled 'Spring Harvest'. The focus on sussex local produce, be it real ales or organic cheese. Also, from the 2nd April it's 'Restaurant week' where all the top local eateries get involved and lower their prices. For real! There is a great choice, but my top picks would be Moshi Moshi for super Sushi or The Old Bank for ridiculously good ribs. I'm actually drooling already! The Keyboard is ruined!

Cocktails @ The Finish Line

Now this is not an actual destination, more of suggestion from me of what to do for this year's Brighton Marathon on Sunday 15th April! As you watch super athletes sprint past the sights of Brighton you can cheer from the comfort of your chair! The outside courtyard at Audio or the balcony at Terraces are ideal locations for a tipple with a view. Or grab a picnic from Bonafoodie on St. James Street and hike your deckchairs up to Ovingdean for a stunning view. And i'm not talking about the lycra!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

myworld interview - Joel at Cocomaya

Today we have the pleasure of chatting with Joel, one of the owners of Cocomaya  Fine Chocolatier & Artisan Baker. myhotels currently have the pleasure of working with them for the Easter Feast package!  

myworld: What are you up to today? 

J: We're working on our new shop on Brompton Road, finalizing menus and working with builders. 

myworld: Anything super hip you’re working on that you wouldn’t mind sharing with myworld? 

J: We're doing a range of chocolate bars and truffles boxes based on travel and curating flavours from around the world.

myworld: If you were designing a hotel bedroom what would be amongst your top 3 prerequisites? 

J: Great linen, super mattress and fresh air!

myworld: Our design philosophy takes into account the 5 senses – of all of them, which is your favourite and why? 

J: Smell.  I have always loved scent of any kind from incense to oils or soaps. Smell has always been the one thing that evokes memory and generally rocks my world. I particularly love the smell of clean linen and  a steaming hot bath with Egyptian rose oil and geranium, the sea lapping outside and the taste of salt on my lips. Heaven.

Monday, 19 March 2012

myworld interview - Sofie Rockland

Today we're talking to Sofie Rockland, the owner of 210th, a luxury erotic brand based in the Netherlands which combines communication and intimacy in erotic boxes, luxury lingerie, massage oils, gifts and much more! Her mission: more love, intimacy and quality time for each other. Closer together!. myhotels group had the pleasure of working with 210th, this passed February over Valentine's, which was a divine pleasure!

myworld: What are you up to today?

SR: After a long weekend of work, today is another day at the 210th office. I'm looking in depth at Social Media, Marketing, Sales and of course I have the pleasure of chatting with the lovely myworld! ;-)

myworld: Anything super hip you’re working on that you wouldn’t mind sharing with myworld?

SR: After a successful Valentine's campaign with myhotels, I'd love to share with you that I am developing a new 210th product line. 210th will seduce you and let you experience bodycare on a new and erotic way. The launch of this product line is planned for June 2012, so stay tuned.

myworld: If you were designing a hotel bedroom what would be amongst your top 3 prerequisites?

SR: Oh, I would love to design a 210th hotel bedroom in the future, which has all the ingredients for your Closer Together moment. Start with a luxury bath for two, an amazing bed with soft sheets and of course a touch of both photography and art to indulge the senses.

myworld: Our design philosophy takes into account the 5 senses – of all of them, which is your favourite and why?

SR: Definitely sight. You can see the passion, emotion and character in a person's eyes. But above all, I believe we love to be seduced by the eyes.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Letters from myhotel Bloomsbury

We're proud to introduce to you our lovely time-lapse video from myhotel Bloomsbury, featuring Kidda!

Monday, 12 March 2012

myworld interview - Kidda

Today we are talking to fabulous Kidda, Music producer, DJ, remixer, songwriter, animator, director, graphic artist. Watch out for Kidda's "Don't wanna fall in love" in the soon to be released timelapse from myhotel Bloomsbury!

myworld: What are you up to today?

K: Had a weekend of lovely nothing-to-do's. Lie-ins, family, food, music, booze and bought some red trousers for when the revolution kicks off.

myworld: Anything super hip you’re working on that you wouldn’t mind sharing with myworld?

K: Writing lots of new tunes, 40 in the last 2 months. They sound like a vision of the future from 1982, made somewhere that only exists in my head. All I know is there's a beach, some neon and hazy sunsets. Also going to knock up a roast later, that'll be very hip. 

myworld: If you were designing a hotel bedroom what would be amongst your top 3 prerequisites?

K: Massive bath, good mattress and some kind of robot/manservant to hang out with. You could be in the fanciest hotel room in the world and still be lonely.

myworld: Our design philosophy takes into account the 5 senses – of all of them, which is your favourite and why?

K: Smell, it's the best for evoking memories. An old van drove past me last week and the smell of diesel exhaust fumes took me straight back to being 5 and queuing at the ice cream van in our road in the summer. Magic 

Thursday, 8 March 2012

merkaba lab episode six

Back from a seemingly long sabbatical returns merkaba lab!

This evening Raff treats us to his rendition of the Blue Blazer - straight from the merkaba lab at myhotel Brighton. 

Monday, 27 February 2012

A Hedonist's Guide to...

London Marathon
Sunday 22nd April
The London Marathon all started in a pub, so the story goes – which is a great excuse for rolling up race-side with a pint in hand. And with several British boozers (as well as a few key bars and restaurants) along the way, we can’t think of a better way to watch this annual event. The 26.2-mile race starts in Blackheath before winding through Charlton, Woolwich, Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf and the Embankment towards its finish line on the Mall near Buckingham Palace. Stop for a roast en route, take in the Cutty Sark, wander through St. James’ Park or just anchor yourselves at one key destination. Whatever your preference, though, be sure to get there early. Crowds gather at Embankment and Tower Bridge but an interactive map on their website - - allows you to select you own vantage point.

London Fashion Weekend
23-26 February, Somerset House
Front row tickets can be a harder snatch than the latest ‘it’ bag. But fear not; as soon as the last model’s runway rendition is complete, Somerset House opens the doors to its own four-day designer shopping emporium – the Vodafone London Fashion Weekend. Say hello to 2012’s Spring/Summer selections, as models, make-up artists and producers from London Fashion Week continue their catwalk creations. There will be exclusive (and discounted!) designer goods from the likes of Pringle and Jaeger on offer; Toni&Guy makeovers; Vintage acts and contemporary DJs and a selection of pop-up bars and restaurants. Not to mention a rare opportunity to watch an exclusive ‘trendsetting catwalk show’ in the official British Fashion Council Show Space. This should make for a very fashionable day out, dahling.

Camden Crawl
4-6 May
The now legendary Amy Winehouse, Kasabian and Florence & The Machine were all picked up in their formative years at this, the Camden Crawl. Launched at the height of the Britpop period in the mid-nineties, this multi-event music festival continues to attract industry bigwigs and young screaming fans all looking to catch the next big thing. That said, there are always a few surprise shows from now-seminal artistes. And the sprawling carnival-style arts side features everything from comedy and spoken word to film, quizzes, busking, acoustic performances, workshops, exhibitions and more. The three-day programme opens at Koko before working its way through the streets of London’s most nocturnal corner. More than 50 venues and 250 acts were involved in last year’s performance, with one wristband giving access to all. Book a key hotel and nip in and out as you please.

Globe To Globe (World Shakespeare Festival)
23 April – 9 June
Hip-hop, Maori and signed Shakespeare plays are all on the menu with this cultural celebration. The undeniable home to the main man himself – The Globe Theatre on London’s Bankside - has pulled out all the stops on this one. They’ve selected 37 different theatre companies to present 37 different Shakespeare works in 37 different languages. Subtitles aren’t included - just imagination and pizzazz, hopefully. Kick starting on Shakespeare’s birthday, April 23, the show season will run for six weeks as part of the World Shakespeare Festival and London’s 2012 Festival. Said to celebrate the diverse populations around the capital, this is their opportunity to promote unique takes on one of England’s greatest writers. Tickets start at £5 with the £100 Yard Olympian providing access to them all. We’d at least try and catch one.

Mr. Bright's tips

You shall go to the ball... and you don't need a Pumpkin!
As February arrives the red mist sets in, but this time its infused with rose and patchouli as Valentines everywhere rush to book a table for two (but probably just order a take away instead). So this year, why not pop down to Brighton, book a trendy hotel and grab a ticket for the Ball. The Valentine’s Ball at Brighton Dome is only £25 per couple and is your chance to get your gladrags on and feel like a Strictly star. You can even have a cheeky practice the night before with Carola from the Brighton School of Dance. If all else fails, there is the fabulous foyer bar for some fun-enhancing fizz. Just think of the story you can tell on your wedding day; once upon a time... 

I'm in the middle of a Chain Reaction!
Or I will be throughout February, as Brighton welcomes the Science Festival across the city. It’s a chance for all nerds to come together and show us how it’s done! The festival is largely aimed at the younger crowd with some extremely edutaining(see what I did there) stuff. There’s a peek behind the sparkly curtain of Magic with Smoke and Mirrors and Due South are hosting the Chewy Gummy Physics Funfair at The Blind Tiger Club; where they will reveal the great mystery of the creation of Jelly! For Mum’s, dad’s and fans of Marcus Brigstock, he is also around performing his award-winning West-end show ‘God Collar’. Lab coats at the ready!
Model behaviour
How many times have you ‘borrowed’ your kids remote controlled helicopter for ‘research’ purposes! Well, now you can share the love with the Model World exhibition at The Brighton centre from 24th to 26th February. Anything that requires a battery and steering will be there; complete with a designated flying hall and tailor-made boating lake (hard hat and trunks optional!) There is even a rumour that Doctor Who and Dalek’s may make an appearance. Doo do doo! And for all of you who thought Model World was a high fashion trip to Milan, there is a super-cool new cafe to pop on your shades, sip a cappuccino and watch the world go by (quietly)!

Monday, 12 December 2011

merkaba lab challenge - episode one

A proud introduction to the merkaba Brighton lab challenge - where Harry and Santiago of the merkaba lab team venture upon a journey to see who can beat the clock in preparing the steak & pistachio tapas vs an old fashioned..... Who will win? What does a steak & pistachio tapas look like? We have all the answers right here in our first merkaba lab challenge!

merkaba at myhotel Brighton
17 Jubilee Street, Brighton, BN1 1GE
t: 01273 900 300

Monday, 5 December 2011

merkaba London - The Gastro Diaries, episode two

This week Head Chef at merkaba at myhotel Bloomsbury, Graham Bradbury, takes 7 minutes from his day to show us how to make the fine delicacy that is Saddle of Rabbit with Black Pudding. 

merkaba at myhotel Bloomsbury
11-13 Bayley Street, London, WC1B 3HD
t: 020 3004 6000

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Introducing the gastro diaries from merkaba at myhotel Bloomsbury

myhotel Bloomsbury is proud to play host to the first in a series of the gastro diaries. Head Chef Graham Bradbury kindly spares us 4 minutes of his day to walk us through the delights of a honeycomb chocolate mousse dessert. 

merkaba at myhotel Bloomsbury
11-13 Bayley Street, London, WC1B 3HD
t: 020 3004 6000

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

merkaba lab - episode four 

This week we have the wonderful Raff from the merkaba Brighton tea, working his magic with The Honeymoon cocktail.

Are you thinking what we're thinking?! If so, rest assured, the weekend will be with us soon! Follow them on 

Friday, 18 November 2011

Mr. Bright's tips

Christmas 2011 in Brighton

So another Christmas is fast approaching and it’s the same every year, you wish you’d gone shopping in Brighton! Well I can understand why! A 10 minute wander can take you past retro, boutique, big-brand and kooky stores eager to please. Here’s my top tips for hot spot’s along the way.

Start at Beyond Retro on Vine Street. It’s a vast emporium of retro clobber with some weird and wacky delights. It’s open late and sometimes has live events taking place. The Cowboy boots are killer!

If you buying for a lady or you are one, The lavender rooms is a must. White walls, delicate trinkets and lots of lace; you are sure to find a gift for a gal. If that’s not your thing just pop over the road to Badger for some cool as a cucumber clothes for the man about town.

Stop by Octopus on the way to Churchill Square. I’ve seen Cheese graters with dresses, Mops with character and Toasters like technicolour dreamcoats. You will find a gift for someone or just have a good old giggle.

This next store will have to be at the end, because you won’t have the energy at the start! Hollister is an Abercrombie cousin complete with dark lights and swanky sweat pants. If you can make it through anyone under the age of 21 will adore you. Especially if you come out with their signature scent.

If you need some refreshment at some point it has to be Small batch for a coffee or Merkaba for a cheeky monkey, which is actually a cocktail!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Ice Lady at Somerset House

We've stumbled upon a highly entertaining link from the folks at Somerset House. Intriguingly named The Ice Lady its a re-imagining of what you can expect this year from Skate at Somerset House, presented by Tiffany & Co.

In addition this year sees some divine loveliness in the form of a myhotels package available at myhotel Bloomsbury & myhotel Chelsea, which includes overnight stay, tickets to Skate, continental breakfast and a late check out. Go ahead, indulge.

Book the Skate package at myhotel Bloomsbury or myhotel Chelsea

Monday, 31 October 2011

The winter edition of mine newspaper is here!

Found mixing with guests in the lobbies and guestrooms at myhotel Bloomsbury, myhotel Chelsea & myhotel Brighton. The winter edition of mine newspaper offers guests a slice of what’s hot this festive season including Skate at Somerset House presented by Tiffany & Co., Spamalot at Theatre Royal Brighton, Christmas shopping made easy  by Westfield and reasons to indulge with The Chilli Pickle, three5 world tapas, merkaba and Central! Enjoy!

Give them your feedback here –

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

merkaba lab - episode three

Welcome to the third episode of merkaba lab. This week we have Yann of the merkaba team creating a sensual elixir made famous by four young ladies from a small island off the coast of New Jersey. The orange zest is our personal favourite! Enjoy folks! 

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

merkaba lab - episode two

The second in our delightful series, bought to you by the merkaba Brighton team! This week Harry shows us his take on the elixir weekends made famous - mytiki. Enjoy responsibly by reading the warning folks!

The team at merkaba observed all health and safety regulations throughout the filming of this content.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

merkaba lab - episode one

Introducing merkaba lab - where the team present you with their favourite tipples and offer you an opportunity to witness their genius!

The first in a series from our merkaba lab team. A delicious Negroni served in an informative and delightful manner by the lovely Emma... Enjoy folks.


Monday, 12 September 2011

Mr Bright's tips

We're proud to introduce you to the wonderful Mr Bright. A Brighton native whose primary objective is to provide you with the hippest and hottest happenings in Brighton, or as he calls it, Bright Town! Here, you'll be able to follow his adventures, escapades and antics - in short, a recipe for wholehearted indulgence.

Mr Bright has sent us his very first installment, so without further ado:
Covered this month:

Here come the Girls!

Should you be of the female gender then it’s off to Plumpton with you! 18th September is
Ladies day, so it’s time to pop on the fancy hat or fascinate with your feathers and enjoy everything that goes along with it! £10 if you book in advance and the grand prize for the best dressed lady is a 7 night Mediterranean cruise! Woooooo! There’s also a prize for best dressed man and child, so take the family along too. Parking and live music are all included and you will even get a free programme. Tally ho!

Shake it up baby now!

Brighton loves a good festival and this one is no different. Brand new on the festivals scene is Shakedown which is housed in the beautiful grounds of Stanmer Park; a welly throw away from Brighton itself. This first year has a real buzz and has some great artists lined up. Example, Razorlight, Toomanydj’s and the super Ed Sheeran are all strutting their stuff and for those of you who never know when to go to bed there are a whole host of after parties in Brighton itself. The shin dig down at Audio is free before 12. Shake it up baby now!

Beachy Peachy

As the famous Duet of Elton and George once said... Don’t let the sun go down on me! Well actually, if you are heading down to the beach, there is still enough to keep you entertained without sunshine. Ohso social, is a fun, relaxed, bar which goes all the way through until Sun down. Try and catch Dirty Sunset Disco on a Friday night, you might even see me there kicking out a few moves! If you after a more laid-back affair, then I would book a sea view table at Due South. Fresh fish straight from the sea and a view that takes your breath away. Beachy peachy!

Tee Hee Hee!

October see’s the return of the world reknown Brighton Comedy festival. All the big names are expected and the Gala opening takes place on Friday 7th October. I would book for Milton Jones, who cracks one line after another and is a familiar face on mock the week. Frisky and Mannish are also worth a look with their hilarious take on pop classics. For the not so young of us the legendary Joe Pasquale is back on stage, with a show conspicuously called ‘Pull my finger’! Tee Hee hee!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Introducing the small but beautiful – mine newspaper

Found in the lobbies and guestrooms at myhotel Bloomsbury, myhotel Chelsea & myhotel Brighton. mine give guests a slice of what’s hot this season and also brings you some fantastic things to do and places to go! Enjoy!

Give them your feedback here –

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A Hedonist guide to...

Film4 Summer Screen at Somerset House
Strand London, WC2R

Friday, 24 June 2011

myworld interview Henry Herbert Tailors at Central Bloomsbury

Welcome to our second fabulous myworld interview filmed at the lovely Central located next door to myhotel Bloomsbury. This time we've had the honour of interviewing Charlie Baker-Collingwood of Henry Herbert tailors.
For more info: